Tales of New Amsterdam

Session Recap: June 1, 2013
A recap of the events that took place on June 1, 2013

Player Characters Present


Anton, Albert, and Brigid (new members of Mr. White‘s super hero team) met team veterans William and Chelsea at Mr. White’s offices. They all collaborated on making Albert’s new suit unrecognizable and on helping The Eagle make it through his public appearance tomorrow. Anton and Chelsea would go in as a reporter and photographer, William and Brigid would cover the nearby buildings as civilians, and Albert would go in as a war vet after Brigid helped him convince the coordinator over the phone.

At the public appearance the next day, Anton asked The Eagle about his thoughts on the public opinion of Metas and, while he brushed the question off, Anton noticed that he was angry that he was unable to say more in public. Brigid and William followed a scruffy guy into a building.

During a reading from The Eagle‘s new book, a gun shot went off. The Eagle immediately put up yellow force-fields to cover the crowd and started directing the military to get people out of the area while trying to find out where the shot came from. Chelsea jumped on stage to help him while scanning the buildings, but no further shots came. Anton went to the edge of the crowd and started taking notes, while trying to make sure the sniper wouldn’t get away.

Back in the building, Brigid and William followed the gunshot to find the guy they had followed, who turned out to be Ren, a new Meta. They found him choking out a guy holding a sniper rifle. After a brief brawl, in which Brigid held Ren still and William tied him up, he explained that Mr. White had tried to recruit him but Ren and Mr. White split up due to differences in execution. Upon examination, the now diseased “sniper” had a tag from the psych ward of the same hospital as William found on the first sniper. Now untied, Ren agreed to follow Brigid and William back to the bar; Brigid explained that he might be an asset to the team following the failure of his own attempts.

On the ground, the crowd had calmed down and mostly left. The Eagle initially reprimanded Chelsea for putting herself in harm’s way, but complimented her commitment to protecting those around her. Anton approached The Eagle and offered to hear him out regarding what he had concealed earlier. The Eagle agreed, but only if a lawyer was present. After consulting his workplace, Chelsea reminded Anton that Mr. White was a lawyer. Everyone returned to Harlem.

Back at the offices of White and Biggles, The Eagle explained that he wanted to bring to light secrets about the government’s dealings regarding Metas. To do so, The Eagle wishes to fake his own death in order to avoid the backlash when these secrets are made public. As a show of faith, he offered information about “Operation Guardian,” a government program he says is trying to depower Metas and create a small group of uber-powerful beings. He also mentioned that this project is killing a lot of people in the process.

Clock Man
A Mystery?

Does anybody have the clues written down, or do people want me, your GM, to dig them up?


The Base
The Base

Its a warehouse!

Please feel free to add: defences, communications, research materials, etc here by spending a separate pool of points. The points everyone has are below. They can be pooled to buy a single thing for the base, or saved to buy things for the base. In addition, certain NPCs may add things to the base over time if they a) have access and b) are interested in furthering your cause. If you allow NPCs into the base who are against your cause, they might steal things, sabotage things, or just trash the place.

The idea I have is that without working together or getting NPCs to do things, Base upgrades should be hard to do. Also, again, these are a separate pool of experience points to spend. These are not character points, but base only points.


The Eagle’s Book Collection: +1d to all Research Rolls relating to History, Military, or Weapons

Points to spend:


Feel free to add things here about what it looks like on the interior, etc. This is the kind of thing that won’t make a HUGE difference to the game (defenses, resources, etc, but makes it feel homey)

The Eagle’s Corner

A small corner near the entrance of the warehouse with a single shower-head attached to the plumbing over the drain, a couple of Japanese room dividers, some stacks of books, a cot, and an overstuff chair make up the Eagle’s current living situation. His main complaint? A carpet would do a lot to make the whole area easier on his knees.

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