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New Amsterdam

The US Government



The Dark Decade – The 1950’s came to be known as the Dark Decade amongst certain meta subcultures. A series of terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and so forth by metas resulted in the government cracking down on this group. The public has come to fear them.

“The Kneecapper Lives” – a bizarre meme which has, apparently, spread across the nation in the form of graffiti painted on walls. The message is seldom more complicated than this and often is painted above tied up or killed alleged criminals. It is a reference to the claims of “The Trickster”, a meta who was captured during a prison break-in and eventually sentenced to death by hanging for crimes of treason against the American states, that he had a sidekick in the matter who would save him from this fate. It is currently unknown whether the graffiti is put up by the alleged Kneecapper, as s/he was never found, or whether it has come to symbolize a movement by metas against government oppression.

The Great Project -

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