Days Gone By

What follows is an excerpt from a newspaper article about The Eagle from 1917

Included with the piece is a black and white photo of the Eagle standing atop a wrecked building. He is dressed in his typical military uniform, being a variation of the typical doughboy uniform, except in a bright white with a custom helmet and stylized eagle designs upon it, here filthy from a day of battle. There is also a mask included with the uniform and the actual identity of The Eagle was not known until after the war.

“The Eagle secures victory again! Leading a stunning charge from one of the trenches, The Eagle has ensured another Allied victory. In this stunning battle, the horrific Hun has demonstrated the depths they will sink to by attempting to use similarly powered individuals against our boys abroad.

The death toll continues to rise on the front into Germany, but if The Eagle continues to watch over us, all will be safe in our great nation!"

Days Gone By

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