The Base

The base!


Its a warehouse!

Please feel free to add: defences, communications, research materials, etc here by spending a separate pool of points. The points everyone has are below. They can be pooled to buy a single thing for the base, or saved to buy things for the base. In addition, certain NPCs may add things to the base over time if they a) have access and b) are interested in furthering your cause. If you allow NPCs into the base who are against your cause, they might steal things, sabotage things, or just trash the place.

The idea I have is that without working together or getting NPCs to do things, Base upgrades should be hard to do. Also, again, these are a separate pool of experience points to spend. These are not character points, but base only points.


The Eagle’s Book Collection: +1d to all Research Rolls relating to History, Military, or Weapons

Points to spend:


Feel free to add things here about what it looks like on the interior, etc. This is the kind of thing that won’t make a HUGE difference to the game (defenses, resources, etc, but makes it feel homey)

The Eagle’s Corner

A small corner near the entrance of the warehouse with a single shower-head attached to the plumbing over the drain, a couple of Japanese room dividers, some stacks of books, a cot, and an overstuff chair make up the Eagle’s current living situation. His main complaint? A carpet would do a lot to make the whole area easier on his knees.

The Base

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