Sniper Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Range: 800m
Bolt Action – one shot per round
slow reload
Requires training to use effectively.
Shock/Killing Damage
+3 width to damage if used by a trained professional.


Recovered from the assassination attempt against The Eagle.

Investigation reveals the following information:

-military grade, but slightly different than the official rifles used by the US army

- modified to fit American round sizes, it appears as though it, rather uniquely, has extra parts to make it compatible with different round types on the fly within the suitcase, if someone were so inclined. This is definitely beyond what the rank and file is using.

- collapses into a long briefcase for transport. Briefcase is quite heavy when loaded given the extra parts and such

- has a serial No: ZN-4852-SS-MALTHUS. This does not match anything you have been able to check on file with local gun shops.

Sniper Rifle

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