The Eagle

The first public and government sponsored meta in the modern world


Powers: Force fields! obvious, etc. Bright Yellow walls of energy he creates somehow.


The Eagle, aka David Eldredge was the first meta formally recognized,researched, and folded into the military arm of a government. He became the symbol for America and the Free World during WWI when he made his battlefield debut as The Eagle. With a unique, and some say garish, uniform, he was a living and breathing piece of psychological warfare.

Now pushing over 60 years of age, he has retired from both the public eye and government service. After a brief stint serving to a limited degree in WWII, he disappeared from the public scene. This self imposed media exile was only very recently lifted when he announced that he would be releasing an autobiographical work with the inside scoop on previously unreported aspects of his years in government service.

Eagle has begun to work with the team, and it has become obvious that he is extremely bitter that the government has ’hung him out to dry". He has admitted that he had nearly nothing to do with writing the book.

White and Mr Eldredge have faked his death and he has gone into hiding at the base. He has shaved his head to help facilitate the lack of recognition, but honestly doesn’t go out much. There are regular requests for books to be purchased and he has begun to set up a small library in the warehouse. As he becomes more knowledgeable about your plan, he offers tactical and strategic counsel on problems you may face.

The Eagle

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