"Zen" Ren


Super Awareness of his surroundings.

FYI: Ren first appeared in Legends of Hollywoodland.


Ren is a man with scraggly hair and a trenchcoat. He was found in an office building strangling a sniper during a public appearance of The Eagle. A battle against William “Sparky-Zap” O’Toole and Brigid “Mecredi” Adams ensued.

Ren quickly identified William and Brigid as part of the new team coordinated by Mr White and Mr Biggles.

Mr. White tried to recruit Ren previously, but he declined.

Ren is still currently holed up in Louis’s bar pending a proper acceptance into the group. He has opened up slightly and admitted that he was out in Los Angeles attempting to do something similar to the current situation. The main difference, however, was that he attempted to train children to be accepting of the society that hated them, and to be heroes for that society anyways. Though he hasn’t opened up about what happened specifically, things apparently ended very poorly. Ren has been hiding in a bottle for quite some time, periodically emerging to save lives before sinking into another bout of depression.

Fun fact: Ren sees himself as a bit of an expert on the Kneecapper phenomenon.

"Zen" Ren

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