A genious engineer discovering his full potential. Time's mechanic.


True Name: Maxwell
Alias (tentative): Rush Hour
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Education: Masters of Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Researcher
Motivations: Companions, City
Passions: Learning
Physical Description: Short dark hair. Average build. No other discerning characteristics.

Character might need to be reworked. Looking at everybody else’s characters, I was probably working from the wrong point total. I used 250. I think everyone else used 200.

Stats and Skills

Body – 2

Coordination – 4
Dodge: 3
Driving(Car): 2
Stealth: 2
Ranged Weapon(Pistol): 3

Sense – 3
Empathy: 3
Perception: 4
Scrutiny: 3

Mind – 5
Knowledge(Mechanics): 5
Knowledge(Physics): 3
Knowledge(Espionage): 2
Research: 5
Survival: 2

Command – 1

Charm – 3
Lie: 2
Persuasion: 2

Base Will – 5

Powers (Time Theme):

Defence Field – 6d

  • Defensive
  • Go First
  • Interference
  • Area 1
  • Cost: 7

Appears to slows down attacks in the area of the field, allowing targets to easily move out of the way. Although attacks in this field look like they are moving slower, they are actually experiencing time at a different rate, maintaining the same amount of force throughout the duration of the attack.

Dilation Bubble – 3d

  • Useful
  • Go First
  • Cost: 3

Allows small-scale temporal manipulation objects. As with the Defence Field, the amount of force applied to an object cannot be changed, even if it’s apparent speed has changed. Thus, this cannot be used as a direct method of attack.
Many potential uses of this ability have yet to be found.

Time Rip – 5d

  • Offensive
  • Non-physical Damage
  • If/Then (Has no effect on stationary targets)
  • Cost: 3

Creates many small pockets of various temporal distortions around a target. If the target tries to move while surrounded by these pockets, the time variations will put significant internal stress on their body.
A potentially gruesome killing method; this is used only as Maxwell`s last resort.


A scientist having recently completed his Masters degree, Maxwell is just stepping out into the world.

Maxwell was an outcast throughout his younger years. All his life he longed to get away from everything. This eventually came to pass when he moved across the country to New Amsterdam to complete his Masters degree.

Machines have always amazed Maxwell. Seeing such complex designs made out of the simplest of parts made him feel like the smallest person can play a role in something grand. This love of machines, especially vehicles, made him pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Additionally, Maxwell has long been a fan of spy stories and anything related to them, from weaponry to stealth and survival techniques. When he isn’t in the workshop, he can often be found practicing his amateur gun-slinging at the firing range.

More to come


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