Chelsea Thomas

Ex government agent with a score to settle and a city to save


Name: Chelsea Thomas
Description: Late 20s (was 25 at start of campaign), dark hair, medium height, curvy
Occupation: Does whatever the hell she wants
Loyalty: People of New Amsterdam
Passion: Fashion

Body: 2
Coordination: 3
Sense: 3
Mind: 2
Charm: 2 + 3
Command: 2 + 1
Base Will: 8

Athletics: 2
Dodge: 3
Stealth: 2
Weapon(Gun): 2
Empathy: 2
Perception: 2
Scrutiny: 1
Lie: 2
Persuasion: 2 + 1
Stability: 2

Source: Divine
Permission: Power Theme

Prehensile Hair
Attacks, Defends
Useful → Acts as Appendage
Range +1, Regenerates, Ignores Physics, Electricutes
6 dice

Defends → Distracts
Capacity → Self
Extra → Interference
3 hard dice



Chelsea is the eldest child of a middle-class family of 5. She grew up in New Amsterdam, leading a relatively normal life…until she turned 14, when her mother and sister were killed in a car crash. She found herself not only taking care of her younger brother, who was only 5, but also her heartbroken father who had resorted to alcoholism to deal with his problems. It was during this stressful time that her powers began to manifest, which was a godsend for her, as they proved invaluable when it came to supporting her family. Attractive, lithe and perceptive, Chelsea proved to be an excellent charmer and pick-pocket, especially with the use of her powers to assist her. Between part time jobs and some petty theft, she managed to scrape a living by for her family for several years.

At 17, she was finally caught in the act. To her surprise, the man she was attempting to rob, didn’t turn her in to the police, as she feared. Instead, he told her he was quite impressed with her raw talents, and presented her with his business card, saying she should contact him if she wanted to improve them and get a real job. He turned out to be an agent working with a branch of the government that was training metas to be agents. Chelsea accepted a position with them, and quickly developed her skills as an agent. She worked for the government (using the code name “Raven”) investigating meta cases for many years, always sending some money back to her family.

Shortly after the events with Senator McCarthy, Chelsea began to notice some anomalies in the records surrounding the disappearance of several metas from government custody. She pursued her own investigation into this during her spare time, and shortly afterwords she was told she would have to leave her investigative position and join a purely military branch of the government, an offer which flew directly in the face of her philosophy to use non-violent, and certainly non-lethal, methods to obtaining information before resorting to violence. She declined the offer, and was immediately sacked. This, coupled with the government’s crack-down on metas, has left a bitterness in Chelsea’s heart toward the government she had once so loyally served and trusted.

Betrayed, and with the feeling that she was being monitored more closely than she would have liked, Chelsea tried to escape. She moved, discarded her old code name, which only served as a reminder of her former government shackle, and devoted herself to figuring out what the government had planned for the metas. Chelsea continued her investigations into the mystery that had come to captivated her imagination, determined to protect metas and the people of New Amsterdam from the government she no longer trusted.


Dignified, tough and guarded, Chelsea isn’t one to be exceedingly forth-coming with her feelings. She is relatively quick to make allies, but less so to make friends. However, she is incredibly loyal when she finds something or someone she thinks is important, and will fight for them, whatever the cost.

Chelsea Thomas

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