Anton Vasile

Gazetteer trying to turn public opinion of metas positive


Stats and Skills

Body: 2D

  • Athletics: 1D
  • Endurance: 2D

Coordination: 3D

  • Dodge: 2D

Sense: 3D

  • Empathy: 2D
  • Perception: 2D
  • Scrutiny: 2D

Mind: 4D

  • First Aid: 2D
  • Knowledge (Biology): 2D
  • Medicine: 1D
  • Research: 3D

Charm: 3D

  • Lie: 2D
  • Performance (Writing): 3D
  • Persuasion: 2D

Command: 3D

  • Stability: 2D

Base Will: 6 + 1
Willpower: 7 + 1


Regeneration: 3HD
Useful [3 points per die] (heals wounds): Engulf, Permanent, Always On, Go Last, Self Only

{Disintegration: 5D + 1WD
Attack [3 points per die]: Disintegrate, Engulf, Full Power Only, Touch Only }


Appearance and Personality

Anton is a tall man of average build and Romanian/English descent, but was born in America some twenty-four years ago. He keeps his blond hair short and has complete heterochromia (left blue, right gray). Anton is a chatty individual who prefers striking up a conversation to silence. He’s always looking for the next big story, especially if it will help turn public opinion of metas around. He is open and honest about almost anything, and tries to lend a helping hand where he can without revealing himself.


Anton grew up the only child of two metas in Newark: his father was able to cause an object to emit light and worked in the sewers, and his mother could change the colour of anything and worked in textiles/fashion. Anton’s regenerative power manifested at school in fourth grade after he fell off the jungle gym. Doctors thought he wouldn’t walk again because he fractured his C2 vertebra, but his powers helped with the healing process.

As a result of his experience with the medical process at such an early age, Anton wanted to become a doctor but his parents didn’t have the money. He got a job as a paper boy and worked this for a number of years while working on his writing. Every so often, he would write an article that would get published in the paper he delivered for. While visiting family in New Amsterdam, he happened to be present during the attack on Senator McCarthy and wrote a very impressive article on it. This got him a permanent position at the newspaper.

After the plummet of public opinion of metas, Anton and his parents were attacked by anti-meta coworkers of his father after eating dinner together. { Normally a reserved young adult, Anton’s rage awakened his second power and he accidentally disintegrated the attackers.} Anton was investigated by the police but was cleared after he blamed the deaths on some unknown meta. However, suspicion has not been completely alleviated. He moved in with his extended family in New Amsterdam after the funeral and got a part-time job working for a small newspaper while working on his writing of spy novels. He’s also trying to find out what the government is doing about metas and also raise public opinion on metas when possible through his newspaper articles. His meta status, as far as he knows, is still unknown.

Note: the items in curly braces {} are not public knowledge

Anton Vasile

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